Operations and Maintenance

Halfway River First Nation, our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services are a cornerstone of our community’s infrastructure management. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, our skilled team ensures the smooth operation and upkeep of vital facilities and utilities. From maintaining water treatment systems to managing community buildings, we prioritize efficiency, sustainability, and the well-being of our residents in every aspect of our O&M endeavours. Trust us to safeguard the essential services that underpin our community’s livelihood and prosperity.
Our O&M services at Halfway River First Nation are more than just routine maintenance – they’re a testament to our dedication to serving our community with integrity and expertise. With a focus on proactive management and responsive solutions, we strive to address challenges swiftly and effectively. Whether it’s keeping roads safe and accessible or ensuring the reliability of essential utilities, we’re here to uphold the highest standards of operation and maintenance, contributing to the resilience and vitality of our vibrant community.


- Alex Siebert
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