Halfway River First Nation

Halfway River First Nation was originally located on the Chowade River (Known as the Stoney River by elders). Through a relocation into IR 168, Halfway River First Nation became situated where they are today, north of the Halfway River approximately 75km northwest of Fort St John.

The Halfway River First Nation takes pride in their heritage and culture. Keeping close ties to the Dane-Zaa language that they speak, the traditional practices that are passed and the land that gave abundantly through their seasonal rounds, Halfway River First Nation continues to forge ahead protecting and respecting their land and history while developing further opportunities for their people.

In the early 1900s, HRFN signed Treaty 8 to preserve our lands and natural resources from outside interests and continued to travel freely throughout our traditional lands. The construction of the Alaska Highway in the 1940s changed the lives of our people forever. It brought many settlers and developers to our lands.

We currently have 304 registered members with 137 living on-reserve members and 160 living off-reserve members and we have 7 members in other communities. We are people who honour and respect our elders and family. Halfway River First Nation was once part of the Hudson Hope Band with West Moberly First Nations – the communities were separated in 1971.

Our Land

We have been very busy in our Lands department, and we currently have four full-time staff. We have a department manager, a person who manages referrals related to residential and commercial applications, a person who manages referrals related to oil and gas activities and a person who manages the coordination of HRFN Environmental Field Monitors.

Our People

HRFN has a history of developing successful relationships with certain proponents that prioritize early engagement which has led to mutually acceptable outcomes.

Upcoming Events

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Rodeo Roundups

Halfway River First Nation Rodeo is a vibrant cultural event that showcases the community’s deep ties to their heritage and land. It brings cultural values, spirit and unity among members with in Community. The rodeo event is showcase every year at Halfway River First Nation arena.

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Community Camp

Community camps are summer camps organized by Halfway community to provide recreational and educational activities for children and youth during the summer months. These camps often focus on fostering a sense of community, building social skills, and offering a variety of engaging programs and experiences for participants.

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Cultural Activities

Community activities are events or initiatives organized within a specific area to bring people together, promote positive change, and strengthen bonds among residents. These activities can range from fundraising events like cultural celebrations, educational seminars, and events that drive economic growth in the community.

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