Family Support

Halfway River First Nation’s Family Support services for our Nation are delivered in partnership with federal and provincial governments. All the Programs are delivered in partnership with federal and provincial governments. Moreover, we actively work with provincial and federal programs to provide access to the resources and services that support the safe, healthy development of children and youth within their families and communities.

Halfway River First Nation, we understand the importance of strong family bonds and the support systems they provide. That’s why our Family Support services are designed to nurture and empower families within our community. From counselling and parenting workshops to assistance with navigating social services, our compassionate team is dedicated to fostering healthy relationships and holistic well-being. At the heart of our Family Support program lies a commitment to ensuring that every family feels valued, supported, and equipped to thrive.

Our Family Support Services at Halfway River First Nation are rooted in cultural sensitivity and respect for traditional values. We recognize the diverse needs of our community members and offer tailored support that honours their unique backgrounds and experiences. Whether you’re seeking guidance during times of transition or simply looking for a welcoming space to connect with others, our inclusive and empathetic approach to family support is here to uplift and strengthen the fabric of our community.

Family Support Coordinator
- Amanda Field
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