Human Resources Department

Human Resources Department

In human resources, there is a wide range of matters that are continually looked at throughout the year. It is important that HR helps to ensure that the employer, leaders, and staff are knowledgeable, aware, and kept up to date on policies, current laws and legislation and any changes that might be happening.

There was considerable time spent working to update and, in some cases, develop new policies for human resources. This important accomplishment provides employees with current, clear, consistent, and fair policies. In human resources, it is imperative to have up-to-date policies and procedures as it helps in attracting and keeping employees who help HRFN achieve its goals.

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Keeping policies current leads to great transparency and accountability and helps to ensure that the employees know their rights and responsibilities to help service the nation and the members.

By collaborating and working with each staff member to better understand their roles we were able to update. It was also essential this year that we had a very successful year working to make sure that all employees had their annual performance reviews along with setting some goals and looking at what other skills and knowledge training they may need to progress in their positions.

We will continue to work towards planning for HRFN’s future and support the staff, so they can support the community members.

HR Manager: Joan


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