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Halfway River First Nation Members Dashboard


Halfway community newsletter is a publication distributed on a monthly basis to members. It helps to share important information, updates, news, success stories, and other relevant content with the community members. Our aim is to foster engagement, build relationships, and create value within the community by providing a platform for sharing ideas, promoting events, and strengthening connections among members.

Member Updates

comprehensive approach to sharing updates with Halfway community members effectively.

Chief & Council Minutes

The Chief and Council Minutes refer to the official records or documentation of the meetings held by the Halfway River First Nation’s Chief and Council. These minutes serve as a detailed account of the discussions, decisions, actions, and resolutions made during these meetings.

HRFN Audits

The Halfway River First Nation Finance Audit is a financial examination process conducted by auditors to assess the financial health and compliance of halfway community finance organizations. These audits focus on reviewing the financial statements, internal controls, and overall financial management practices of these organizations to ensure transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Member Benefits

Member benefits updates refer to the enhancements, Federal or Provincial government schemes , helps to access to their benefits.

Member forms

provides a comprehensive list of forms that individuals may need for various community related purposes.

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