Halfway River First Nation’s Social Development program services for our Nation are delivered in partnership with federal and provincial government and include:

First Nation Child and Family Services

This is a provincially funded program that actively works with provincial and federal programs to provide access to the resources and services that support the safe, healthy development of children and youth within their families and communities.

Assisted Living

This provides a comprehensive continuum of care ranging from home support to higher levels of care in a variety of physical environments within our community and through integration of Home and Community Care, Assisted Living and other available supports so that our First Nation community will have a range of availability care options that are culturally appropriate.

National Child Benefit Reinvestment

The National Child Benefit Reinvestment Program is one in which children and families benefit from complimentary program supports that will strengthen their well-being.

Family Violence Protection

The Family Violence Protection Program is culturally relevant and uses a collaborative approach to enhance and enrich programming to ensure healthy, safe families and sustainable communities.

Income Assistance

The Social Development Program provides financial support and active services and social supports to eligible adults and their dependents who are unable to meet their basic needs.

If you have questions about Halfway River First Nation’s Social Development services, please contact the Social Development Coordinator.


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