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We received the pieces last fall. We put down the rubber tiles and the assembly will begin soon. There will be swings, play castle, merry-go-round and a twin saucer swing.


Zamboni Shed

AdminCouncil, Recent News

We have finished a zamboni shed. We are waiting for contractor to run water service. It has heat, and hot water to flood the rink.

AdminZamboni Shed

New Store

AdminCouncil, Recent News

We have the building complete, however… BC Hydro has been out, we are scheduling the trench for the power. We presently have emergency generated power. BC Hydro has just informed us they need to put in another power pole. We are expecting power to be on in 3 weeks. We have water and sewer. Latest schedule has store opening middle … Read More

AdminNew Store

Security Cameras

AdminCouncil, Recent News

We have had a camera system for some time in the Band Office. We are installing cameras in the Health Center, Daycare, and Training Center.

AdminSecurity Cameras

Skating Rink Paving

AdminCouncil, Recent News

When the machines are here for the road and store parking lot, we are having the arena paved. Because of the delays in store construction, the paving will not occur until spring.

AdminSkating Rink Paving


AdminCouncil, Recent News

We have a new post and rail fence around our band office, skating rink, workout gym and playground.


Elder Park

AdminCouncil, Recent News

We have mulched the elder park again. We have a new metal gazebo in the park, with firepit in the center. Trails and plantings should happen in the spring.

AdminElder Park

Band Hall Storage Shed

AdminCouncil, Recent News

We have built a shed, similar to our garage, to store the tables, chairs and stuff for the band hall out back. It will also have storage areas for sporting goods for the kids, and our Culture Camp equipment. The shed is finished.

AdminBand Hall Storage Shed

Street Cameras

AdminCouncil, Recent News

All the street cameras have been installed.. It is presently operational, so BEWARE, you are on camera.

AdminStreet Cameras

6-plex Elders homes

AdminCouncil, Recent News

The elders have moved in. We are waiting for the corona virus lockdown to end to have a grand opening celebration.

Admin6-plex Elders homes